Below is a selected excerpt of Album and EP projects from my complete discogrphy:


Fergus McCreadie - Live at the Pianodrome

Bobby Motherwell 'Sulidae' Album 2

Steven McDonald - Album

Siobhan WIlson - Flowercore

The Katet - Alaska

Jamie Sutherland - Album

The Low Tide - September Rain

Monsters of the Id - Debut Album

Matthew Rooke: Music for Voices, Large and Small Ensembles Album

Sonificade - Turn and Face The Sun

Jack Nissan - Amal

Coldsville - Just Stupid Kids Album


Niki King - The Everlasting Energy of Love

Trio HLK - Anthropometricks

Ciaran Ryan Band - Occupational Hazzards

Dean Owens - Pictures


Broken Records - The Dreamless Sleep Of The 1990s

Roark - Pelforth Poolside Dusk

Dean Owens - El Tiradito 'The Curse of Sinner's Shrine'

Kirsten Adamson - Landing Places

Beats and Pieces Big Band - Good Days

Hafter Medboe / Konrad Wiszniewski - Poiesis

Jo Miller - A' The Way To Galloway

Robin Robertson Blues Band - Elemental Rhythm


Elephant Sessions - For The Night

Mima Merrow - Almost Home

Lydia Goldthorpe - Hold

Sulidae - Kitchen Sink Dharma

Blue Rose Code - Live at Perth Theatre

Wynntown Marshalls - Big Ideas

Kenneth Mackenzie - Glendrian

Matt Carmichael - Marram


The Daughters - Golden Shore

Will Marshall - Destination Home

Katheryn Joseph and The Tinderbox Orchestra EP

Swampfog - Swamp and Circumstance EP


Blue Rose Code - With Healings of the Deepest Kind
Haftor Medboe & Jacob Karlzon Album
Kinaeda - Kinaeda

ardentjohn - Malin Head
Blue Rose Code - Water of Leith Live
Tinderbox Orchestra - Talking About Birds Pt1 and Pt2 EP

Return To The Sun - Shadows EP

Martha Middlemass - Just Sing!

Dave Vernon - On The Level


Trio HLK - Standard Time

Andrea Baker - Sing Sistah Sing!

Beats and Pieces Big Band - ten
Dante - I Wear Your Weight With Mine
Steph Macleod - GOLD
Blue Rose Code - Red Kites / I Will Lay You Down EP
Northern Flyway - Northern Flyway

Mike Kearney - The Road to Porty
Kat Healy - Believer EP
Tenement Jazz Band - New Orleans Wiggle
The Copper Cats - Bleu Joyeux!
Calum Wood - She Wynds On: The Snow Roads EP
Sixteen12 - Welcome Ever Smiles

The Katet - Upsidedown Boy EP

Das Contras - Hedonburgh

Thunkfish - Regendes
Tinderbox Orchestra - Tinderbox

Echo Arcadia - Visions of Symmetry

Paul Brand - 12 Songs
Ags Connolly - Nothin’ Unexpected
Dean Owens - Redwood Mountain
Rosie Bans - Identify Yourself

The Katet - Guillotine LIVE


The Katet - Guillotine

The Banana Session - Be Bold and Brilliant
Book Group - The Great Indoors
Break The Butterfly - Crysalis
Fuzzy Star - Fuzzy Star

Sonificade - D.U.I
Summerland Duo - Delux
Kat Healy - Wolf EP
Jacobs Heap - Breakers EP
Dean Owens - Settin’ The Woods On Fire

Jargo - At Night When The Wind Calms Down

Medboe/Eriksen/Halle - The Space Between
Scrum - The Unforeseen EP
DTHPDL - The Future EP

Black Cat Bone - Growl

Ags Connolly - When Country Was Proud

Aceltica - Aceltica

The Jellyman’s Daughter - The Jellyman’s Daughter
Project DSB - Project DSB
The Holy Ghosts - Ride ‘em Down
Echo Arcadia - Beauty in an Average Life
Kat Healy - No Heroes EP

Broken Records - Weights and Pulleys
Homework - 13 Towers
Steph MacLeod - Kingdom Come
Ant Law - Entanglement
Donna Maciocia - Split EP
Jarvie/Johnstone/Lowrie - Moat Brea
Deer Lake - Manekineko EP
The Banana Sessions - Be Bold and Brilliant

Federation Of The Disco Pimp - More Than Dancing
Horndog Brass Band - Self Titled
Michael MacLennan - Wolves
Das Contras - Highest Low

The Sunshine Delay - Keep It Together

Stanley Odd - Pure Antihero Material EP
The Banana Sessions - MIXTAPE
Kat Healy - Be Still Gentle Kind

The Easy Tigers - Songs From The Sun Room
Rossco Galloway (and The Chans) - Get Free
Mike Kearney Katet - Philosophica

Rodrigo Braga - Between The Waves
The Discordian Trio - Presents
Zack A. Moir - Dialogues
The Banana Session - Green EP

Kobaba - Ocean of Orbs
M.O.J.O Big Band - Arguments
The Banana Session - Yellow EP

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